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What Our Cusotmers Tell Us

"We loved the way Custom Configurators kept us in the loop from start to rollout and beyond."    Jim Harvey, Doubletime


Our Methodology


How We Develop Your Solution


The basic premise of our Client Service Methodology is that software is developed for clients, by clients, with clients. You are the essential part of any software project, whether a remediation effort or a new product development project. You are there when it starts, are there during its development, and are there when we deliver to you the finished product. It is your problem that is being solved, it is your business that needs improvement, and it is your system or product that you own. We understand this.

With Custom Configurators, you participate in every step, you see the progress of the software from beginning to end, and you see the many project management components essential for a project to be completed on time and on budget. We have built our own sophisticated software tools for this very purpose, enhancing and emphasizing your involvement in all aspects of the development process.

Our Client Service Methodology has 4 key components, each with the client at the core:


  • The Client Side of Discovery
  • Our Greatest Strength is Our Expertise
  • Value Before We Even Start
  • Long Term Discovery


  • Design While You Develop - Develop While You Design
  • No One can Know Everything Up Front
  • We are Built to Accommodate Change
  • Companies Not Designed to Accommodate Change Will Overspend


  • Anticipation, Excitement and Anxiety
  • Delivery is Testing, Publishing and Going Live
  • Delivery is the Best Part


  • Our Commitment to Support is One of Our Greatest Strengths
  • No Blame Culture
  • Great Software Support Tools
  • Level 1 and 2 Technical Support
  • Service Level Agreements
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