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Why Custom Configurators

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What is a “Configurator”?


Simple to Complex Question and Answer Systems


Configurators are specialized software tools that guide customers through a managed selling process to ensure that an end product is properly configured and meets rules, laws, or technical standards.

Configurators can be simple question and answer systems that select a list of products to add to a list. Configurators can also be complex models that walk a person through a complicated set of questions that perform calculations, product lookups, or provide pricing.

Some companies offer an “out of the box” configurator solution, suggesting that you can “configure the configurator” to provide a software solution. This is quite possible for simple to moderately complex models. But for larger and more complex situations, a package solution is no match for a custom developed configurator system.

Custom Configurators deliver exactly the configuration solution you need without compromise – the software is developed for you and addresses your requirement not someone else’s. Generic configurators are compromised by their need to address multiple industries and different configuration applications – therefore there is a lower probability that you get the fit you need. Some industry specific configurators exist; these deal with the industry requirements; often these are used by a number of competitors eliminating the opportunity for competitive advantage.

If you are not aware of a configuration solution in your industry or business area, then chances are no one has developed one or found a suitable industry or generic solution.

A custom configurator will automate and improve your sales and marketing processes in exactly the way you need. Typical ROI calculations for custom configuration include the value of reducing costly specification and pricing errors, decreased selling expenses and increased revenue from new channel opportunities and greater organizational selling bandwidth through automation. A custom configurator has numerous advantages:

  • No compromise on delivery of the configuration requirement – you get exactly what you need – no gaps in functionality.
  • Delivers a solution that reflects how you want to do business – not someone else’s processes or another industry.
  • Offers an opportunity to beat the competition with a high quality, exact fit solution – you can stand out from the crowd, not be part of it.
  • We integrate with your systems so you don’t need to buy a new ERP, CRM or other legacy solutions to accommodate the configurator.

We bring many years of experience in custom software development and different kinds of configurators to bear on delivering the kind of configurator you need.

Transform your organization with a custom configuration solution – increase the bandwidth your company has to quote and sell in an automated selling process – grow revenue and reduce errors and time to quote.

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